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OFSC Clubs: Powered by Permits - Driven by Volunteers!

The OFSC’s 217 community based snowmobile clubs are run by volunteers. These men and women, young people, couples and families are the backbone of organized snowmobiling in Ontario. Their ongoing efforts and contributions are responsible for building, operating and maintaining OFSC snowmobile trails, as well as providing many club and community activities and events. Volunteering for your local club is a great way to get involved, have fun and make a big difference for snowmobling!

Who volunteers? - Of our current team of over 5,000 active club volunteers, approximated 25% are occasional helpers that serve just a few hours most seasons(under 10 hours). Family members are the core of our volunteers and we have growing participation from high school students completing their 40 hours of community service. Increasing numbers of retiring "Boomers" who are looking for new experiences and challenges are also joing Team OFSC.

If you have an interest in working with volunteers... supporting their work and helping them get trained, there are a host of opportunities available for you too!

What positions are currently available? - It's best to contact the District Volunteer Coordinator or your local club to find out exactly what help is needed. Remember that some tasks can be completed "virtually" - data entry, updating website, doing communiction and marketing projects, or other necessary work that can be done from your computer at home. Every club would appreciate more help; it is our goal to be in touch with you as quickly as possible so you can lend a hand as best suits your time and interests.

Club Volunteers - They're just like you!

Combined, the total number of hours served by club volunteers exceeds 3/4 of a million hours. Sounds like a lot of time....but a quarter of all our volunteers help the club less that 10 hours each season. Families across the province choose to be involved in organized snowmobiling because the benefits motivate them to find time for for volunteering as they balance their busy lives.

Everyone Counts

Your local club will have all kinds of volunteer projects that need to be done, from outdoors tasks to office work to assisting with social activities or fundraising. Whatever your skill or interest, we will strive to make your investment with us productive, rewarding, and most of all, fun. Your local snowmobile club relies on active volunteers to get the job done.

You don't have to be a snowmobiler. Anyone who wants to contribute to the betterment of their community can help out. Whether you have a lot of time or just a little, your local snowmobile club can tailor a specific job suited to your abilities and skills.

Contact Us - It's easy to get information on volunteering.
Call 705-645-3123 or toll free 1-800-328-7245, via e-mail at
and we will be happy to direct you to your local club.


We owe volunteers a huge thank you because:

  • Over 6500 volunteers build the trails that generate over a billion dollars in economic activity, and are enjoyed by approximately 200,000 trail riders
  • Some volunteers groom all night so that the trails are ready for riders
  • Volunteers work on signage, and brushing to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience
  • Many volunteer spend countless hours working ‘behind the scenes’ in planning meetings, talking to landowners, administration of insurance and risk management paper work, publishing newsletters, and maintaining web pages, to mention just a few of the necessary task required to operate a snowmobile club
  • Volunteers work with other community groups to support every thing from Santa Clause parades to remote rescues
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